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Ross Weber

Ph.D. Student in Energy Resources Engineering

I am a PhD Student and Research Assistant at Stanford University in Energy Resources Engineering. My research focus is improving electrochemical Lithium-ion battery models through first-principles physics and machine learning. The models I create give accurate real-time predictions of battery health and can improve safety and cycle life.

Additionally, I work as a Battery Performance Analyst for a tech startup called Greenvolt Nano, which uses advanced nanotechnology to improve energy storage and create a unibody structural battery. I use experimental results and numerical simulations to quantify battery performance metrics and improve the product.

I graduated from Vanderbilt University ('17) as a double major in Mechanical Engineering and Economics. There, I was a part of a national award-winning Aerospace Engineering team (VADL) where we designed, built, and launched 2 rockets for the NASA Student Launch Competition that used cold-gas thrusters to control the rotation of the rocket during flight.