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The Environmental Assessment and Optimization (EAO) Group focuses on building tools to reduce the environmental impacts of energy systems. 

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One focus is on understanding greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) from fossil energy systems.  Also, we build optimization tools to improve the environmental and economic performance of energy systems.  Our approach includes building engineering-based bottom-up life cycle assessment (LCA) models to generate rigorous estimates of environmental impacts from energy extraction and conversion technologies.  In optimization areas we focus on renewable-fossil hybridization and integration.


Actual vs infrared result data

Methane leakage from natural gas systems

We study leakage from the natural gas system, with a focus on comprehensive assessment of leakage mechanisms, as well as ongoing work on detecting leakage from natural gas systems.
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Short-term solar forecasting

We develop a specialized machine vision system to make short-term forecsts of PV panel power output using sky images.