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Ravikumar, A.P., Sreedhara, S., Wang, J., Englander, J., Roda-Stuart, D., Bell, C., Zimmerle, D., Lyon, D., Mogstad, I., Ratner, B. and Brandt, A.R., 2019. Single-blind inter-comparison of methane detection technologies – results from the Stanford/EDF Mobile Monitoring Challenge. Elem Sci Anth, 7(1), p.37. DOI:

Wang, J., Tchapmi, L. P., Ravikumar, A. P., McGuire, M., Bell, C. S., Zimmerle, D., Savarese, S., Brandt, A. R. (2020). Machine vision for natural gas methane emissions detection using an infrared camera. Applied Energy, 257, 113998. DOI:


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*Ravikumar, A.P., J. Wang, A.R. Brandt. Are optical gas imaging technologies effective for methane leak detection? Environmental Science & Technology. DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.6b03906 


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